Supercardriver & SCD Tours – Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy


Please follow this link HERE to see if your car qualifies for a Full SCD Membership.


"The Club" shall mean Supercardriver Ltd.
"The Members" shall mean the members of The Club.
"Club Events" shall mean the exclusive events run by The Club.
"Club Membership" shall mean the membership afforded to Club Members upon payment of the mandatory fees.

  • Supply The Members upon purchase of the Club Membership access to an online calendar detailing an itinerary of events to choose from during the course of the year.
  • To provide a website with a members area where The Members can view and register for Club Events.
  • To approve access to the members area once payment has been received.  It normally takes 3 working days to setup the direct debit.
  • To provide clear joining criteria and an approved car list. We withhold the right to review this regularly to ensure variety in The Club.
  • To keep The Members updated via email on Club Events.
  • To provide The Members with a quarterly magazine by post.
  • Provide navigation based journeys where Club Members will be provided with meeting points and a suggested route. Club Members are entirely responsible for navigating to the associated locations, with use of Satellite Navigation, Maps or any other method they deem appropriate.
  • To withhold the right to terminate your Club Membership with immediate effect on the evidence of dangerous, reckless, anti-social or inconsiderate driving.
  • To withhold the right to terminate your Club Membership due to actions by a Club Member during or outside of Club Events deemed unacceptable, offensive or outside the spirit of The Club.
  • To withhold the right to terminate your Club Membership following complaints from multiple members during a Club Event.
  • To issue the Club Member with a written warning in relation to dealing with the above grievances if termination is too extreme.  Cause for a second warning will result in termination of Club Membership.
  • To withhold the right to cancel any membership if The Club believes that continued Club Membership is not in the best interest or The Club or The Members.
  • To withhold the right to cancel Club Events due to poor weather conditions or a low registration quantity.
  • To reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • When The Club resorts to termination of Club Membership no refunds will be issued.


  • Read all joining criteria prior to registering for membership.
  • To fill out the online application form in full and check-mark the relative box to acknowledge reading these Terms and Conditions.
  • The Club Membership term is a minimum of 12 months and Club Membership shall commence from the date of successful registration & payment.
  • Club Membership and this Agreement are personal to you and may not be assigned to anyone else.
  • Club Membership, once paid by the Member, is non-refundable.
  • When redeeming a complimentary membership, the individual must be a new member and also never previously  instated as a member at the Club at any time.
  • Complimentary membership was given by one of our associated car dealerships when purchasing a vehicle and was not transferred as part of a private sale.
  • If found that a complimentary membership was purchased through a private sale, or if the user was a previous member of Supercar Driver then membership will be void.
  • To pay online for Club Membership. Payments are by Direct Debit only and are paid quarterly for existing members and annually for new members, on recurring billing until you inform us that you wish to cancel.  Direct Debits take 3-5 working days to be approved - if you require access sooner please email
  • To terminate your Club Membership please send a request in writing a minimum of 14 days prior to your annual renewal date and we will stop future payments. If The Club is notified less than 14 days prior to renewal date, we cannot guarantee the cancellation of your Club Membership and your Club Membership will run for another 12 month term and there will be no refunds.
  • Should The Club terminate your Club Membership you will not be issued with a refund and will no longer be entitled to use The Club website and The Club Facebook groups or attend Club Events.
  • Pay where applicable for Club Events - this will be clearly stated during event registration. VAT will be added to Club Events.
  • Tours will be run by SCD Tours LTD and a non refundable £100 administration fee will be paid upon registration followed by an invoice for the deposit to book your space. Tours are exclusive of VAT.
  • Should you be unable to attend a prepaid Club Event, The Club will always look to fill your place. If this achieved, your deposit will be refunded in full however, if this is not achieved you will not receive a refund.
  • To keep The Club updated with your details. Please inform us by email if you change your email or postal address.
  • To keep timings and locations of the Club Events private and off any other public forums and websites.
  • To take suitable care whilst on Club Events and to abide by local driving laws and speed limits.
  • To show respect towards Club Members and their cars during Club Events.
  • To maintain a considerate level of driving towards other Club Members and the general public.  Evidence of dangerous, reckless, anti-social or inconsiderate driving will lead to The Club issuing a written warning or terminating Club Membership.
  • When attending our Club Events you do so at your own risk and The Club accepts no responsibility for any damage to any cars or persons attending the event.
  • The associated dangers of travelling on public highways and therefore the inherent risk in taking part in road based events such as those hosted by The Club include, risk of accident, risk of injury or risk of death. Whilst we strive to ensure our events are as safe as possible we will not be held responsible nor do we have any control over the driving of our participants or other road users and The Club accepts no responsibility for these risks. It is entirely The Members responsibility to ensure they are physically and mentally prepared.
  • There will be no reward from The Club for those who arrive at event destinations or meeting points first. Club Events are not timed and are not designed to be approached as a race.
  • The club does not condone using a walkie talkie to inform other members whilst on Club Events.  You do so entirely at your own risk.
  • To pay all fines, penalty charges or costs connected with the vehicle whilst on Club Events.
  • Whilst we recommend use of walkie talkies in order to communicate to fellow member’s vehicles, you should never use them whilst in control of your vehicle, and it should be the sole responsibility of your passenger(s) to use them. Whilst the walkie talkies are useful for informing members of certain information, under no circumstances should they be used to provoke overtaking under dangerous circumstances. The information passed on by walkie talkie should never be relied on and doing so poses an enormous risk. The Club accepts no liability for accidents associated with this.
  • Not to pose as a servant or agent of the Club or Company.
  • To give The Club permission to use photos of your car in the magazine, website, social media and for promotional purposes unless otherwise stated. The Club retains the right to allow duplication and publication of any associated images unless The Member expressly requests otherwise by emailing prior to the relevant event start date.
  • Not to promote rival events or clubs during Club Events or to Club Members. We withhold the right to terminate your membership without refund if you do so.
  • Not to redistribute or reprint the PDF version of the club magazine.
  • All unauthorised advertising or soliciting on The Club forum or at Club Events will be removed without explanation and without notice.

Supercar Driver Events

Booking & Payments

  • We only accept registrations online through the Supercar Driver website.
  • All events are offered subject to availability and on a strictly first come first served basis.
  • There shall be no formal and binding contract between us and you until the requested deposit (or where appropriate the full amount due) has been received by us.
  • Failure to pay the balance of any deposit (or where appropriate the full amount due) as requested will entitle us to cancel the booking without further advance notice to you.
  • Any Event taking place within the UK must be paid for in full when the booking is made.
  • Any Event taking place outside the UK must be paid for in full when the booking is made.
  • Provisional bookings will be confirmed only once payment is received in full.
  • We reserve the right to cancel or refuse any bookings at our sole discretion.


  • If you wish to cancel a booking fourteen days or more prior to the event on which you have booked, we will issue a credit note to be used for future RMA events for the full amount paid less a £25 administration fee.
  • If you wish to cancel within fourteen days of the event for which you have booked, we will only issue a credit note to be used against future SCD events for the full amount paid, less a £50 administration fee, only if the event is fully SOLD OUT and we are able to re sell your place.
  • Any credit note issued will not be transferable and must be used within 12 months. We do not provide refunds.

SCD Tours Terms & Conditions

Payment Policy 

  • We only accept registrations online through the Supercar Driver website.
  • For tours up to £1000 we expect payment in full on invoice less the admin fee.
  • For tours over £1000 we expect a minimum deposit of 60% to secure your place by an agreed date less the admin fee.
  • A non refundable £100 administration fee is payable during online registration (this will be deducted from the tour balance) to complete your registration and hold your space until the deposit deadline.
  • An invoice will follow by email for payment of the deposit.
  • The deadline to pay the deposit will be clearly stated and is approximately 4 weeks from the date of when the tour went live, unless stated otherwise by SCD Tours.
  • For the remaining balance you will be invoiced 18 weeks prior and have 4 weeks to pay. Payment is required no less than 14 weeks before the start of the Driving Tour.
  • In case full payment has not been received within 14 weeks of the start of the Driving Tour, we reserve the right to cancel your booking, subject to the cancellation conditions described below.
  • You will be sent payment reminders by email regarding the remaining balance.
  • By completing the online registration form, it is necessary to accept these terms and conditions and a completed registration is considered an acceptance thereof.

Methods of Payment 

  • The non refundable admin fee is paid by credit/debit card via the website.
  • The deposit and remaining balance can be paid by bank transfer.
  • Payment by a credit or debit card will be offered at our discretion.

Cancellations by the Customer

  • Cancellations can only be accepted in writing by email.
  • The £100 administration fee is non refundable.
  • If cancelling more than 12 weeks prior to the start of the tour, we will attempt to sell on your space and will refund you the price at which you package has been sold on, less a £100 admin fee.
  • If you cancel between 4 and 12 weeks before the start of the tour, we will attempt to sell on your space and will refund you the price we have sold on your space, less a £300 admin fee.
  • Cancellations less than 4 weeks before the start of the tour will result in the loss of all payments and no refund will be issued.
    • Although we make every attempt to sell on your space to another SCD member, this is not guaranteed and so may result in the loss of your payments at whatever stage you decide to cancel.
    • When selling on your space, we may advise that it is sold on at a reduced rate to encourage other members for a last minute deal. The difference in the original sale price and the resale price will be deducted from your refund if applicable, on top of the relevant admin fee.
    • Extra nights which have been booked will also be offered but in some instances, these may be lost if the person booking your space does not want to include them.
    • Refunds will only be issued after the member taking your space has paid in full to the amount that has been invoiced at the necessary stage.
  • Late payment of the final deposit may result in your space being cancelled and no refund being issued.
  • Non payment will result in loss of full deposit and space on the tour.
  • All refunds will be issued by bank transfer.

Cancellations by SCD Tours Ltd

The Event organisers cannot accept liability or refund monies if the Driving Tour has to be amended or cancelled due to any circumstances outside our control or that we could not foresee or avoid.

If we cancel a tour the following is applicable:

  • Admin fee will be refunded in full if the initial deposit has been paid.
  • Admin fee will not be refunded if the initial deposit has not been paid.
  • Initial deposit will be refunded in full.

Waiting List

  • If a tour is fully subscribed we recommend you register interest on the waiting list and we will notify you should a place come available.
  • Boy registering on the waiting list you have no obligation to attend the tour if a space comes available.
  • The admin fee will not be charged during registration but included within your deposit.


We reserve the right to change or cancel the Driving Tour schedule at any time.  Where changes occur to a driving tour we will notify you as soon as practicable and provide alternate options.  Should an element of the tour change we will endeavour to replace that element as a like for like. An additional cost or refund may apply.

Requests for Changes to a Driving Tour

An administration fee might be applicable should you wish to make any amendments to your booking, such as room types.

Required Documents for the Driving Tour

a) Driving Licence – all drivers must hold a valid full UK driving licence
b) Vehicle insurance – for all drivers
c) V5C (log book) or ‘vehicle on hire’ certificate
d) MOT certificate – as the condition of a vehicle may deteriorate within the period of an MOT, it is your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle is in a roadworthy condition for the event.
e) Valid Passport – for all participants
F) Travel insurance - it is your responsibility to ensure you have appropriate travel insurance in place for yourself, passengers, personal effects, luggage and the vehicle.

It is the sole responsibility of the participants to ensure that their documents are in order. They must be valid from the beginning up to, and including, the last day of the Driving Tour. Failure to sign the registration form will result in disqualification from the Driving Tour without refund.

Legal Compliance & Local Laws

All participants must drive safely and at all times obey the specific regulations for each country visited. This includes (but is not limited to) speed regulations, highway laws, vehicle safety laws and laws relating to the possession or use of alcohol or drugs.

It is up to you to ensure that you are fully up to date with the driving requirements for each country you visit. Some countries require you to carry certain equipment.

Personal Expenses

The tour price does not include any personal expenses during the Driving Tour, such as fuel, tolls, food, drink, fines, repair costs or any other expenses of any kind.

Code of Conduct

All participants must conduct themselves responsibly and in an appropriate manner at all times. You must not consume alcohol whilst driving, drive whilst under the influence of alcohol (or any other intoxicating substance) or drive if your ability to do so safely is compromised by illness, lack of adequate rest, or any other condition. Any illegal behaviour will result in the cancellation of your participation without refund.

Furthermore any careless or reckless driving will result in your expulsion from the remainder of the tour without refund. Club Membership will also be terminated without refund.

We withhold the right to terminate your Club Membership due to actions by a Club Member deemed unacceptable, offensive or outside the spirit of The Club.

Image Rights

All participants consent to be photographed and to be included in any filming of the Driving Tour. You consent to the use of your image, likeness, voice and biographical material in connection with any and all footage, publicity and related promotional material. Participants are only entitled to take photographs and film footage of the Event for non-commercial purposes.

Copying the Event

By agreeing to our Terms you are agreeing that you will not organise, invest or fund a rally or similar driving event which attempts to replicate this Driving Tour or any of its unique features, activities and components or which seeks to benefit in any way from the Organiser’s branding or goodwill. Doing so may result in legal action from the Organiser.

Terms and Conditions Changes

The Event organisers reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Participants will be notified of the changes and will be deemed to have accepted the amended terms and conditions by participating in the Driving Tour.

Website Terms & Conditions

  1. Introduction

1.1. This website is operated by Supercar Driver LTD Registered in England no. 07411419 Registered Office: Unit 12, Clay Lane West, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN2 4BH.

Please read our Privacy Policy in conjunction with these Terms and Conditions.

1.2. Your use of the Website is subject to the following Terms & Conditions of Use, which you are deemed to accept by using the Website. If you are not prepared to comply with these terms you must leave the website immediately.

1.3. Additional terms shall apply:

1.3.1. to any purchases you make through the Website;

1.3.2. to any booking you make through the Website; and

1.3.3. where you are given an opportunity to place advertisements for goods or services on the Website.

  1. Copyright

The copyright and all other rights in the material on the Website are owned by Supercar Driver LTD or are included with the permission of the owner of the rights. As a visitor to the Website, you may download a single copy of the material on the Website on a single computer for your own private viewing/listening purposes only. Single copies of pages from the Website may be printed out for the sole purposes of enabling the person printing the page to retain a copy for their own personal records. No copying or distribution of material on the Website for any commercial or business use is permitted without our prior written consent. No photography, filming, broadcast, alteration or modification of the pages of the Website is permitted without our prior written consent except as may be reasonably necessary to use the Website in good faith. Subject to this paragraph, all rights in material on the Website are reserved to Supercar Driver LTD.

  1. Prohibited use

You agree not to use the Website:

  • to create a database (electronic or otherwise) that includes material downloaded or otherwise obtained from the Website except where expressly permitted on the Website;
  • to disseminate advertisements on the Website or use the Website for any other commercial purposes (which would include using the Website to promote or encourage the sale of your goods/services);
  • to place links on the Website where those links take users to unlawful material or material that contravenes these Terms and Conditions;
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  • in such a way so as to remove the copyright or trade mark notice(s) from any copies of any material made in accordance with these Terms and Conditions;
  • to disseminate any unsolicited or unauthorised advertising, promotional materials, "junk mail," "spam," "chain letters," "pyramid schemes," or any other form of solicitation;
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  • to disseminate any material which compromises the privacy or security of anyone other than yourself;
  • to disseminate any material which does or may bring Supercar Driver LTD or any of its brands or subsidiaries into dispute or in any way damage their reputation;
  • to disseminate any material where use of the material by Supercar Driver LTD, or any third party licensed or permitted by Supercar Driver LTD, will give rise to any third party claims; or
  • to post link(s) that take users to material that contravenes any of the above restrictions.
  1. User Generated Content

4.1. The pages of the Website where you are capable of posting content are provided for your private, non-commercial exchange of lawful, relevant, fair and appropriate information, opinions and comment. Use of the Website that is inconsistent with those stated purposes is strictly prohibited. By submitting any content to the Website, you:

4.1.1. grant Supercar Driver LTD the right to use such content and all material embodied therein for any purposes including, without limitation, to edit, copy, reproduce, translate, disclose, post and/or remove such content from the Website and hereby waive all of the moral rights that you have under Chapter IV of the Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988 in respect of any material you post to the Website;

4.1.2. warrant to Supercar Driver LTD that all such content complies with the provisions of Clause 3; and

4.1.3. acknowledge that Supercar Driver LTD may require you to confirm the above rights and warranties and agree to do so within 7 days of any request from Supercar Driver LTD.

4.2. Supercar Driver LTD reserves the right (but not the obligation) at its sole discretion to refuse, review edit, move or remove any content that is posted to, or available on, the Website without the need to give any reasons for doing so. However, Supercar Driver LTD will not review the materials that you or anyone else makes to the Website and therefore, unless we are specifically notified of the nature of any item of content, you cannot assume that Supercar Driver LTD is aware of it. If you object to the publication of any material placed on the Website please contact Supercar Driver LTD using the contact details shown in our Privacy Policy and we will take whatever action we deem appropriate.

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  1. Use of Software

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  1. Links to other websites

6.1. You may link to the Website but strictly only on the basis that you do not replicate the pages of the Website, and subject to the following conditions:

6.1.1. you do not create a frame or any other browser or border environment around the Website;

6.1.2. you do not in any way imply any endorsement by Supercar Driver LTD other than with its written consent or misrepresent your relationship with Supercar Driver LTD;

6.1.3. you do not use any logos or trademarks displayed on the Website without the express written permission of Supercar Driver LTD;

6.1.4. you do not link from a website that is not owned by you; and

6.1.5. your website does not contain content that is distasteful, offensive or controversial, that infringes any intellectual property rights or other rights of any other person or otherwise does not comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

  1. Trade Marks

7.1. All Supercar Driver LTD trade marks (whether registered or unregistered) and graphics, logos, designs, page headers and button icons are the intellectual property rights of Supercar Driver LTD and neither they nor any confusingly similar versions may be used by you including (but not limited to) as part of any trademarks and/or domain names without the prior written consent of Supercar Driver LTD other than for the purpose of referring to Supercar Driver LTD and its associated brands lawfully and in good faith (only).

  1. Registration

8.1. To access certain parts of the Website, Supercar Driver LTD may require you to register and provide certain information about yourself. Such registration shall be subject to specific terms of registration. Where you register you also agree to:

8.1.1. provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself as prompted by the relevant registration form (such information being the "Registration Data"); and

8.1.2. maintain and promptly update the Registration Data to keep it fully up to date.

8.2. Where information (including sensitive financial or personal information) is provided to Supercar Driver LTD (whether directly through the Website or otherwise) you accept that these methods of communication cannot be 100% secure. Where sensitive financial information is provided to Supercar Driver LTD it uses encryption software to attempt to prevent unauthorised access to this information being obtained. However, Supercar Driver LTD cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any damages (other than liability for death or physical injury arising out of the negligence of Supercar Driver LTD or its officers or any liabilities that cannot, as a matter of law, be excluded) arising from the misuse or loss of data or information submitted by you to Supercar Driver LTD directly through the Website or otherwise. The provision of personal information by you and use of it by Supercar Driver LTD is subject to Supercar Driver LTD’s Privacy Policy.

8.3. Where you register on the Website, you will be allocated login details. These account details must be used solely by you; sharing your user name and password with any other person or making it available to multiple users on a network is strictly prohibited. Accordingly, you agree to:

8.3.1. maintain the security of your user name and password and be fully responsible for all use of the Website made using your user name and password;

8.3.2. immediately notify Supercar Driver LTD if you become aware of any unauthorised use of your user name and password or any other breach of security by sending an appropriately worded email to the contact details shown in our Privacy Policy.

8.3.3. ensure that you exit from your website account at the end of each session. Supercar Driver LTD cannot and will not be liable for any losses, damages or costs arising from your failure to comply with these requirements.

  1. Disclaimer

9.1. Whilst Supercar Driver LTD endeavours to ensure that the Website is normally available 24 hours a day, due to the inherent nature of the Internet, errors, interruptions and delays may occur in the service at any time. Accordingly, the Website is provided on an "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" basis without any warranties of any kind and we do not accept any liability arising from any interruption in availability. Access to the Website may be suspended temporarily and without notice in the case of system failure, maintenance or repair or for any other reasonable cause.

9.2. You acknowledge that whilst Supercar Driver LTD endeavours to ensure that information on the Website and any related material provided to you by Supercar Driver LTD, whether by email or otherwise (“the Supercar Driver LTD Materials”) is accurate and complete, it is provided only for general information, is not intended to address your particular requirements and does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by Supercar Driver LTD. You acknowledge that the information on the Website does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Supercar Driver LTD or any of its brands and that the Supercar Driver LTD Materials should not be relied upon by you in making (or refraining from making) any specific investment or other business or personal decisions and acknowledge that professional advice should be obtained before making any such decision.

9.3. You acknowledge that some of the content may be supplied by third parties and the accuracy and completeness of it will not have been checked by Supercar Driver LTD. No liability shall be accepted by Supercar Driver LTD for any inaccuracy or omission in the information provided on the Website or the Supercar Driver LTD Materials. All implied warranties are excluded from these Terms and Conditions to the extent that they may be excluded as a matter of law.

9.4. Supercar Driver LTD will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that the Website and the Supercar Driver LTD Materials do not contain or promulgate any viruses or other malicious code. However, it is recommended that you should virus check all such materials and regularly check for the presence of viruses and other malicious code. Supercar Driver LTD excludes to the fullest extent permitted by applicable laws all liability in connection with any damage or loss caused by computer viruses or other malicious code originating or contracted from the Website or the Supercar Driver LTD Materials.

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9.7. The Website may contain links to third party websites where you may purchase items. You acknowledge that when making a purchase from a third party website you enter into a contract with that third party at your own risk and Supercar Driver LTD will bear no liability for that contract. Please note that third parties may operate such shopping sites with reference to the name of the Website, but that does not mean that Supercar Driver LTD are responsible for their conduct or any contracts that you enter into with them.

9.8. The Website may from time to time contain advertising and sponsorship. Supercar Driver LTD is not responsible for either the content of the material provided by such advertisers and sponsors or their compliance with voluntary or statutory codes or provisions. In particular, Supercar Driver LTD can provide no warranty that it will not take advertisements or sponsorship from your competitors.

  1. Suspension of access to the Website and User Indemnities

10.1. If, for any reason, Supercar Driver LTD believes that you have not complied with any of these Terms & Conditions it may, at its sole discretion, suspend or cancel your access to all or some of the Website immediately and without giving you any advance notice.

10.2. Without prejudice to the provisions of Clause 10, you agree to compensate Supercar Driver LTD in respect of any claims, losses, expenses and/or liabilities (including legal fees) which arise from your use of the Website and/or the Supercar Driver LTD Materials (or by a third party using your user name and password) including in particular (but not limited to) any statements, contributions or other content posted on the Website or any breach of Clause 3.2.

  1. Limitation of Supercar Driver LTD’s Liability

11.1. Supercar Driver LTD will not be liable to you for any loss or damage caused by Supercar Driver LTD or its employees or sub-contractors in circumstances where:

11.1.1. there is no breach of a legal duty of care owed to you by Supercar Driver LTD (or its employees or sub-contractors); or

11.1.2. such loss or damage is not a reasonably foreseeable result of any such breach; or

11.1.3. in respect of any increase in the loss or damage resulting from your actions.

11.2. Nothing in these Terms & Conditions shall exclude or limit Supercar Driver LTD’s liability for:

11.2.1. death or personal injury caused by the negligence of Supercar Driver LTD and/or its employees negligence; or

11.2.2. fraudulent misrepresentation by Supercar Driver LTD and/or its employees.

  1. Prize Draw terms and conditions

These rules (the “Rules”) apply to all prize promotions including free draws and instant win offers unless otherwise stated on the Website. Depending on the nature of the competition there may be additional rules imposed by us (or selected third parties) and each such offer may be subject to its own express terms and may not be available in all jurisdictions.

12.1. Winners of the Prize Draw must be at least 18 years of age or where notified in the Prize Draw rules anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and comply with any further age and/or other eligibility requirements set out in the Rules (eg in relation to residency and (where the prize includes travel outside the United Kingdom and/or car hire) holding a valid passport, visa and/or driver’s licence). Proof of age may be required before a prize-winner can claim a prize. The eligibility of any entrant is at the sole discretion of Supercar Driver LTD.

12.2. Only one entry per person and per household is permitted, spammers will be disqualified and automated entries are not permitted and will be disqualified.

12.3. All entries must be made in accordance with the Rules and must be received by Supercar Driver LTD by the closing date. Entries made otherwise shall be invalid. Supercar Driver LTD accepts no responsibility or liability for any lost, damaged or incomplete entries and all such entries will be deemed invalid. Proof of despatch shall not be proof of entry.

12.4. Supercar Driver LTD and the promoter reserve the right at its sole discretion to (without prior notice):12.4.1. cancel the Promotion; and/or 12.4.2. to substitute the prize for another prize of equal value.

12.4.1. cancel the Promotion; and/or

12.4.2. to substitute the prize for another prize of equal value.

12.5. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY to enter the prize draws unless otherwise stated on the promotional activity with a specific competition.

12.6. By entering the prize draw, the entrant agrees to be bound by the Rules and by any other requirements set out in the promotional material accompanying the promotion.

12.7. By entering the promotion, the entrant agrees to these Terms & Conditions, our Privacy Policy. In addition, Supercar Driver LTD may pass your personal information to the promoters and their data processors. However, we will always take all appropriate steps to protect your information.

12.8. Prize-winners will be notified in writing within 6 weeks of the applicable closing date (or such other timeframe as is indicated on the Website). If a prize-winner fails to respond to claim his/her prize within 14 days of receipt of the notification, Supercar Driver LTD shall be entitled to select an alternative prize-winner. In such circumstances Supercar Driver LTD shall use reasonable endeavours to notify the alternative prize-winner within nine weeks of the closing date (or such other timeframe as is indicated on the Website).

12.9. Prize draws are open to all residents of the UK, except employees of Supercar Driver LTD (and its subsidiaries), the promoter and their immediate families, the promoters advertising agency and sales promotion consultancy, and anyone else connected with the creation and administration of the promotion.

12.10. Supercar Driver LTD’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received.

12.11. Supercar Driver LTD will not accept responsibility for loss through technical fault, incomplete, illegible or other damaged entries. Proof of entry is not automatically proof of receipt.

12.12. Prize-winners will receive their prize within 6 weeks of notification unless otherwise specified on the Website. The terms and conditions of any third party supplier may apply and must be accepted and complied with by a prize-winner to accept the prize.

12.13. Supercar Driver LTD will not be liable if a prize does not reach a prize-winner for any reason outside the control of Supercar Driver LTD or if a prize is damaged during delivery.

12.14. It is your responsibility to ensure that when entering competitions which, if won, could result in time off work, your employer is in agreement to time off. When dates are specified they cannot be altered.

12.15. Prizes are non-transferable, non-negotiable and no cash alternatives will be offered.

12.16. Depending on the nature of the prize, its use or enjoyment may be subject to further conditions or restrictions.

12.17. By entering the promotion, the winner(s) consent(s) to any publicity generated as a result of the promotion, and use on the Website at any time.

12.18. Where relevant, all taxes, insurances, transfers, spending money and other expenses (including meals or personal expenses upgrades etc) are, unless otherwise specifically stated, the sole responsibility of the prize-winner.

12.19. Other than for death or personal injury arising from the negligence of Supercar Driver LTD, Supercar Driver LTD hereby excludes (so far as is permitted by law) all liability for any loss, damage, cost and expense, whether direct or indirect, howsoever caused in connection with any competition or any aspect of the prize.

12.20. The promotional draw is held by Supercar Driver LTD.

  1. Variation of these Terms & Conditions of Use

13.1. Supercar Driver LTD reserves the right to vary these Terms & Conditions of Use from time to time. Such variations become effective immediately upon the posting of the varied Terms & Conditions on the Website. By continuing to use the Website you will be deemed to accept such variations. You should therefore check the Website from time to time to review the then current Terms & Conditions. These Terms & Conditions were last updated in June 2015.

  1. General

14.1. These Terms & Conditions shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, English law and the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute which may arise out of, under, or in connection with these Terms & Conditions unless Supercar Driver LTD shall elect to bring proceedings in the courts of the country of the user's residence or of principal place of business.

14.2. These Terms & Conditions, as varied by Supercar Driver LTD from time to time form the entire understanding between us. Headings in these Terms & Conditions are for convenience only and will have no legal meaning or affect.

14.3. No delay or indulgence by Supercar Driver LTD in enforcing the provisions of these Terms & Conditions shall affect Supercar Driver LTD’s rights under them nor shall any waiver of Supercar Driver LTD’s rights operate as a waiver of any subsequent breach.

14.4. No right, power or remedy conferred upon or reserved for Supercar Driver LTD is exclusive of any other right, power or remedy available to Supercar Driver LTD provided either under these Terms & Conditions or as a matter of law and each such right, power or remedy shall be cumulative.

14.5. You may not assign sub-license or otherwise transfer any of your rights or obligations under these Terms & Conditions.

14.6. If any provision of these Terms & Conditions is found to be invalid the invalidity of that provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these Terms & Conditions, which shall remain valid and enforceable.

14.7. Nothing in these Terms & Conditions shall operate to exclude liability that cannot as a matter of law be excluded and in particular, and notwithstanding the limitations of liability set out above, our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence shall not be excluded or limited in any way.



1. Introduction

Supercar Driver Limited (“Us”, “We”, “Our”) registered in England and Wales under company number 07411419 is the data controller of your Information for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998 (the “Act”). We respect your privacy and we are committed to protecting your personal information as that term is defined in the Act (“Information”). We comply with the principles of the Act and aim to maintain consistently high levels of best practice in our processing of your Information.

Please read in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions and our Cookie Policy.

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) is intended to inform you how we collect, use and disclose your personal data. This Policy is intended to assist you in making informed decisions about your Information when using our website or the services provided by us or our group companies. Please take a minute to read and understand the Policy.

By using our website and services you consent to our collection and use of your Information as described in this Policy. If we change our Policy and/or procedures, we will post those changes on our website to keep you aware of what Information we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances we may disclose it. Your continued use of the website or services after this Policy has been amended shall be deemed to be your continued acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Policy, as amended. We encourage you to bookmark this Web page and review this Policy regularly.

In addition to this Policy, each service offered by us or our group companies may have additional privacy provisions that are specific to the particular service. These supplemental disclosures are made adjacent to the particular service at the time your Information is collected. A list of our group companies can be seen at the bottom of this document.

2. What information do we collect?

All your Information will be held and used in accordance with the Act where applicable. If you want to know what Information we collect and hold about you, please write to us at: When you visit and use our website or request our services you may provide us with or we may collect your Information such as your postal address, email address and other personal information. You may provide or we may collect this Information in a number of ways:

2.1 Information you voluntarily provide to us

We collect and maintain Information that you voluntarily submit to us during your use of our website or services. For example:

  • when you register on our website or for a service, you may provide us with certain Information including your name, date of birth, email address, screen name, password, current vehicle, registration number, insurance renewal date, whether you have existing car finance, car you aspire to own, postal address, telephone number and where you heard about us;
  • where our website contains a social networking function, you may create and add to your profile by providing Information about your interests;
  • if you sign up to receive a newsletter, a magazine, enter a contest or participate in social networking activities, you may provide us with contact information (e.g., email, telephone and/or or physical address); and
  • you may provide us with Information in the course of email, customer support interactions and surveys.

2.2 Information we collect through your use of our Website

As you use our website, Information may also be passively collected by us through our use of cookies. This Information allows us to deliver more helpful information, services, tools and advertisements. Please see our Cookie Policy for more information.

3. How we use your information

We will use your Information in the ways described below and as described at the time that the Information is collected.

3.1 To Provide the Services

In general, we use your Information as necessary or appropriate for our business purposes including to:

  • administer your account where you have opened an account with us;
  • register you and provide you access to the website or services requested by you;
  • respond to inquiries or requests that you direct to us;
  • fulfil your requests for products or services;
  • send communications and administrative emails about the website or our services;
  • personalise and better tailor the features, performance and support of the website and our services for your use; analyse, benchmark and conduct research on user data and user interactions with the website and our services;
  • running competitions and prize draws;
  • sponsor or partner membership benefits;
  • other purposed related to any of the above

3.2 Marketing

Where you have provided us with the appropriate consents, or where the Act entitles us to do so, we may send you marketing materials about other products or services offered by Supercar Driver LTD, and/or products or services offered by our sponsors, advertisers and partners. In addition, where you have provided us with the appropriate consents, we may also pass your Information to one or more of our group companies or other selected third parties for marketing purposes. However, be assured that we understand the irritations of unsolicited communications and we are fully committed to ensuring the rights and obligations set out in the Act and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003, updated 2004 and 2011 are respected.

3.3 Behavioural Advertising

We believe that advertising is more interesting to you when it is relevant. Accordingly, where you have consented for us to do so we may customise the advertisements that you see based upon:

  • the Information you voluntarily provide to us;
  • geographic location information, which we may determine through your IP address, from your mobile device, or other ways;
  • data we receive from third parties; or
  • your visits to our website or your use of our services (commonly referred to as "Behavioural Advertising"). Please see our Cookie Policy for further information.

Advertisers or other third parties using our website may also engage in Behavioural Advertising and use cookies and web beacons in the manner described above. We do not control these advertisers or other parties' use of cookies or web beacons or what they do with the information they collect. Please see our Cookie Policy for further information.

You can limit the way that we tailor advertising based on your Information by objecting to the cookies that we or third parties wish to place on your browser or deleting the cookies that we or third parties have placed on your browser. Please see our Cookie Policy for more details of how to delete cookies.

After you have exercised your right to object or reject the use of cookies, you may still see advertisements, but the advertising may not be as relevant to your interests. If you change your computer, change your browser or delete certain cookies, you will need to renew your preferences.

4. Can I find out what personal information Supercar Driver holds on me?

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you have the right to request a copy of the Information that we hold about you. There will be an administration fee of £10 associated with this request and it will require two pieces of identification to prove your identity. Please make a written application to Supercar Driver LTD, Unit 12, Clay Lane West, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN2 4BH.

If any of the Information that we hold about you is incorrect, you can click on the contact us link on our website. If the incorrect Information relates to your magazine subscription, then you can contact the customer services team at who will update your details as soon as practically possible.

5. How we disclose your information to third parties

We may share your Information with third parties as specifically approved by you or under the circumstances described below.

5.1 Disclosure for legal reasons

We may disclose your Information if we are under a duty to disclose or share your Information to comply with any legal obligation or in order to enforce or apply or fulfil our terms and conditions and other agreements or protect the rights, property, or safety of our customers, our group companies or others. This includes exchanging information with other companies and organisations for fraud protection and credit risk reduction.

We use a number of third party organisations to help provide a professional service to our customers (i.e. fulfilment bureaus, call centres, and website designers). These organisations act as data processors and are strictly controlled in how they may/may not use your Information and we remain responsible for the protection of your Information.

5.2 Promotions and Sponsors

Some or all of the Information collected during a promotion, prize draw, contest or poll (“Promotions”) may be disclosed publicly. It may also be shared with other third parties as disclosed and consented to by you at the time of collection or in the Promotion rules. These third parties may include providers of prizes in order to update you of your status of your prize or other fulfilment needs or a co-sponsor who may use your Information to administer the Promotion or for their marketing purposes, but only in conformance with your consent. We are not responsible for their privacy policy or practices.

When you participate in a Promotion, you are subject to any official rules for that Promotion, which may contain additional information about the specific privacy practices associated with the Promotion.

5.3 Changes to our Company

In the event we go through a business transition such as a merger, acquisition by another company, or sale of all or a portion of our assets, your Information may be among the assets transferred. You acknowledge that such transfers may occur and are permitted by this Policy.

5.4 Message Boards and Forums

We may make message boards, chat rooms, and other interactive forums available as part of our services. You should be aware that any Information which you post to these interactive forums or otherwise choose to make publicly available, may be disclosed and available to all users who have access to that portion of our website or services. By using these interactive forums, you agree that we are not responsible for any Information that you disclose or communicate in such forums, and any disclosures you make are at your own risk.

6. Updating and control of your information

There are a number of ways in which you can control the collection, use, and sharing of your Information and update your Information and preferences.

6.1 Opting-Out on Receipt of Marketing Communications

When you receive marketing communications from us you will have the opportunity to "opt-out" by following the unsubscribe instructions provided in the marketing e-mail or newsletter.

6.2 Preference Services

The Telephone Preference Service (TPS), the Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS) and the Mailing Preference Service (MPS) allow you to choose to opt out of unsolicited marketing contact. However, if you are registered on any of the preference services, which are general opt-out registers, you may still receive marketing communications from us if you have given us your consent previously or if you subsequently give us that consent.

6.3 Contacting Us

If your information has changed or if you no longer wish to receive marketing communications from us then you can amend your Information or update your preferences if you login to your account or contact us to make the necessary changes on your behalf.

Please note that:

  • even if you delete Information, we may retain your Information in conformance with our data retention policy; and
  • we are not responsible for updating or removing your Information contained in the lists or databases of third parties who have been provided with Information as permitted by this Policy.

7. Third party links and services

Please remember that when you use a link to go from our website to another website or you request a service from a third party, our Policy no longer applies. Your browsing and interaction on any other website or your dealings with any other third party service provider, is subject to that website’s or third party service provider’s own rules and policies. We do not monitor, control, or endorse the information collection or privacy practices of any third parties. We encourage you to become familiar with the privacy practices of every website you visit or third party service provider that you deal with and to contact them if you have any questions about their respective privacy policies and practices. This Policy applies solely to information collected by us through our website or services and does not apply to these third party websites and third party service providers.

8. Where we store your information

The Information that we collect from you may be transferred to, stored and processed at a destination outside the European Economic Area, (all EU countries plus Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein). Your Information may also be processed by staff operating outside the EEA who work for us or for one of our suppliers, for instance, for customer service purposes. By submitting Information to us, you agree to this transfer, storing or processing. We will take all steps reasonably necessary, including the use of the Model Contractual Arrangements as approved by the EU, or other contractual means to ensure that your Information is treated securely and in accordance with this Policy and the Act.

9. Security of your information

We follow appropriate security procedures in the storage and disclosure of your Information so as to prevent unauthorised access by third parties. We also require those parties to whom we transfer personal information to comply with the same. However, unfortunately, the transmission of information via the Internet is not completely secure. So, we cannot ensure the security of your Information transmitted by you to us via the internet. Any such transmission is at your own risk and you acknowledge and agree that we shall not be responsible for any unauthorised use, distribution, damage or destruction of your Information, except to the extent we are required to accept such responsibility by the Act. Once we have received your Information we will use security procedures and features to prevent unauthorised access to it.

10. Social media

10.1 Social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram among others, work with us as trusted third party partners. We also work with application developers who specialise in social media, so that we can connect with your social networks. We provide access to our Websites for third parties and business partners so that we can generate interest in our products and services among members of your social networks and to allow you to share product and service interests with friends in your network.

10.2 We do not control how your personal information is collected, stored or used by such third party sites or to whom it is disclosed. You should review the privacy policies and settings on any social networking site that you subscribe to so that you understand the information they may be sharing. If you do not want your networking sites to share information about you, you must contact that site and determine whether it gives you the opportunity to opt-out of sharing such information. Supercar Driver LTD is not responsible for how these third party sites may use information collected from or about you.

11. How to contact us

If you have any questions regarding privacy or this Policy, you may contact us as follows:

Supercar Driver LTD, Suite 4-5 Meadowhall Riverside, Meadowhall Road, Sheffield, S9 1BW

Email us: