We are performing updates to the member area to combat recent outages which may cause some disruption. Check your registrations by viewing the My events page.

Members Area updates

We are continually updating and upgrading the members' area to ensure you have the best experience.
Below are some of the most recent changes.

Registration Cancellation -  August 2019

You can cancel any registration for an upcoming event on the 'My Events' page, just follow the instructions at the top of the page.

New Waiting List - August 2019

When an event is sold out a button will appear for you to add your name to the waiting list. If a space becomes available you will be notified straight away. You can also cancel a waiting list registration on the 'my events' page.

Add to calendar - August 2019

On each event, there is a calendar icon that allows you to automatically add to your calendar on your device. We also added the same button when you have finished registering for an event.

View events by location and category - July 2019

Want to see which events are closer to home? You can view events by region from the 'Events Map' page.

Or if you prefer you can view events by category from the 'Event Types' page

Number plates for sale - April 2019

You can view plates for sale from members on the 'For sale' page

Change of details - February 2019

If you change your car, move house, change email address or contact number you can let us know on the 'My Details' page